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Carnival Cashew nuts are high-quality, hand-picked nuts that are seasonally sourced from the best farms in India. 

Cashews are rich in protein and healthy fats. They have cholesterol-lowering effects in the body, contributing to good heart health. The high levels of magnesium and copper in cashew nuts also help with bone and joint health. Cashews are also great antioxidants and can improve your digestion and skin. Daily consumption of cashew nuts can be a great way to calm your nervous system and enjoy a pleasant nights sleep. 

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Serving Size: 100g

Dietary Fibre (g)  5.64

Nutrition Information

Energy (kcal)  622
Saturated Fat (g)  8.96
Carbohydrate (g)  25.6
Fat (g)  48.7
Protein (g)  20.4
Sodium (mg)  6.78
Sugar (g)  7.59