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Carnival Makhanas are roasted for the perfect crunch and mildly salted.  

Makhana or the Fox nut has been enjoyed in Indian homes for many centuries. In recent times, this nut has received its due share of credit and is now recognized as a superfood. The benefits of munching on Makhanas are plenty. For starters, it is an excellent 4 pm snack for diabetics and weight watchers because of its low Glycemic Index. Ditch the popcorn for this yummy desi treat.

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Serving Size: 100g

Dietary Fibre (g)  3.10

Nutrition Information

Calories  712
Total Fat (g)  67.61
Carbohydrate (g)  12.9
Saturated Fat (g)  7.10
Protein (g)  5.50
Cholesterol  (mg)  0
Sugar (g)  55.94