About Us

At Carnival, life is celebrated with good health and good food. The Carnival brand is a promise of quality, sustainability, and safety. Our value lies in delivering the best in quality, taste, and nutrition to our customers. Every product under the brand Carnival is made in our BRC certified facility, enabling us to operate with the most stringent food safety compliance.

 Our brand is a promise of quality, taste, and nutrition. Carnival brings to you the choicest selection of dry fruits, nuts & dates. Through Carnival, we strive to make dry fruits and nuts a staple commodity across all sections of society.

Our Promise

Carnival is a flagship brand of Candor Foods Pvt Ltd. The brand was registered in the year 2009, with the aim of regulating the highly unregulated dryfruit industry with food hygiene and food packing safety practices. In the current scenario with COVID 19, we have put in place protocols that dictate our functions and processes. The safety of our employees, our customers and products is paramount. At Carnival we aim to empower our customer with all the knowledge of contents and of the products and nutrition information, that will empower them to make the correct food choices.

All the products under the brand Carnival are manufactured in a BRC certified facility. Read here to know more about what makes Carnival a conscious brand.

Sourcing Capabilities

With an experience of more than 40 years in the business of dry fruit imports, we pride on having import relations in over 15 countries worldwide. Our unique culture and heritage finds its roots in the rich and bountiful valleys on Kandahar. As a company it is our policy to hold our customers and employees in the highest regards and it is because of this that we have always exhibited the highest standard of corporate behaviour towards our suppliers and vendors.

We have established strong sourcing relations in countries like USA, Afghanistan, Chile, South America, South Africa, Iran, Saudi Arabia and are constantly looking out for engaging with  prospective partners who share our vision of creating quality products. On that packaging front we look for partners who can help us reduce our carbon footprint by giving us solutions that are sustainable and environmentally conscious.